Personal Design Consultancy

LAYOUT is your personal graphic design consultancy. We pride ourselves on stellar communication, between both you, and your clients. LAYOUT is quickly becoming Simi Valley's first choice for logo and branding design. Give us a call at 805 328 4074 today! We'd love to become a resource for your business. Contact LAYOUT today and let us introduce ourselves!

Branding Design

A "Brand" and a "logo" may seem to be synonymous, but there is an important distinction to be aware of. Having a logo is great, putting it onto your products is obviously recommended. However, a logo is simply the shape representing one's business. A brand on the other hand is an all encompassing identity that is shown through consistent marketing strategies, colors, and visual identifiers. LAYOUT offers what many others will not, long term branding solutions. This means that your products will look better, more consistent, and brand awareness will grow faster.


Spot UV is a great way to make your printed materials stand out. Make your photos pop with specified areas of gloss. This subtle yet delightful effect easily sets you apart from less sophisticated businesses.

Featured on left: Stan & Renee Rector's company business card lineup.

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