Logo Design

LAYOUT is very proud of our client's work. We specialize in brand development. That means we take care to produce every logo. Each logo tells an individual and unique story. Crafted through a multistep process, a logo must withstand a number of points before being released as an official logo. The logos seen here all pass the criteria required by LAYOUT to be presented as official logos.

Stan and Renee Rector

As realtors involved with Century 21 Troop Real Estate, Stan and Renee had the opportunity and funding to rebrand their business. Consulting LAYOUT, we designed a branding identity to suit their luxury real estate market.

Illustration and Layout

Great Escapes
A poster for Patrick Carmen's Atherton
A poster for Eoin Colfer's Airman
An illustration of a girl's profile

Apparel Design

The most recent addition to the LAYOUT arsenal is our new t-shirt design. The white material is a high contrast heat transfer material.

T-shirt Graphic
Photo of the shirt on a man sitting on couch
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